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Basic Yellow Page Design Tips

Get People's Attention
If your ad is just text in a box, there is really nothing in your ad to distinguish you from any other company. People generally look for visual cues before they ever start reading your Yellow Page ad. Your goal is to make sure those visual cues grab their attention and begin the sales process immediately.

In addition to letting your potential customers know exactly what type of business you are, visual cues also have the power to convey emotional messages about your company that reach far beyond the power of words. Pictures have the power to illustrate your company's strength, reliability, and honesty all in a fraction of a second, and communicate on an emotional level consumers are more readily willing to accept.

A Powerful Message
Once your Yellow Page design has got their attention, it's time to let them know what your about. Your message should be clear and concise. You should work your ad copy in a way that's easy to understand for a wide range of people. Avoid big words and over used catch phrases. Phrases like "fastest service" appear in almost every Yellow Page design, and have lost there meaning for most consumers. You want to speak directly to your customers in a way that is honest and easy for them to understand.

Back Up Your Message
Once you've got their attention, and you've won their confidence with your straight forward message, they will read your entire ad. Make sure your supporting copy backs up the foundation you've already laid. If you have any thing to pat yourself on the back for, this is the time to do it. People are looking for honesty, integrity, quality, value, and good customer service. You want to show them that you can deliver these things.

Look Professional
We have all had experiences with businesses that were less than professional. People avoid these experiences at all cost. If your ad looks unprofessional this can actually hurt your business, by steering customers away from your company. Look to the big guys for ideas. They tend to set the bar for what people expect in a company. Your advertising should be of the same quality if you want to compete in today's market.


Remember These Tips
These tips will help you turn your Yellow Page advertising into something you can brag about. Our clients continue to see higher sales and more satisfied customers after we put these tips into effect in their Yellow Page designs. If you need help Contact America's Best Yellow Page Designers right now. We will give you the best Yellow Page Design at the best possible price. We Guarantee it.

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